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Docklands Light Railway - Dagenham Dock

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Transport, Environment & Regeneration

  • Why extend the DLR to Dagenham Dock?

    The DLR line to Beckton opened in 1994 as part of the development plans for the Royal Docks. Since then the DLR has been an integral part of the regeneration of this area.

    Future plans for the regeneration of this area extend beyond Beckton through Barking Riverside and further east into the Thames Gateway area. Government plans for this area include up to 20,000 new homes in the London Riverside area. Within this, the Barking Reach development (now called Barking Riverside) is a 324 hectare site situated between the A13 and the River Thames just to the east of the River Roding. A masterplan has been developed for the area which includes plans for up to 10,800 new homes.

    Barking Riverside Master Plan Area PDF

    By extending the DLR through the Barking Riverside development, this new community would be connected to other parts of east London such as the Royal Docks and Canary Wharf. Furthermore, an extension of the DLR to Dagenham Dock would provide an opportunity to serve existing and planned communities in this area and provide an interchange with other transport services at Dagenham Dock station.

    If this area is to be developed in a sustainable way, new public transport facilities need to be provided to support such development.

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