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Docklands Light Railway - Dagenham Dock

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  • The idea of extending the DLR to Dagenham Dock has been examined several times. It was first investigated in 1997, when DLR Ltd looked at possible extensions to the network which could be realised within the ten-year period up to 2007. A Dagenham Dock scheme was not taken forward at that time because the land use and development proposals for Dagenham Dock and Dagenham were not fully developed and the likely timescale for re-development of the area was beyond the designated period up to 2008.

    However, by 2002, the emerging plans for both Barking Riverside and for South Dagenham envisaged as many as 11,000 new homes in Barking Riverside and significant employment and new homes around South Dagenham. The Barking Riverside area has now been identified in the London Plan and emerging proposals for regeneration of the Thames Gateway sees it as a location for major housing growth and employment.

    The Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for London (TfL) requested that DLR undertake initial feasibility studies into possible route options and costs for an extension through to Barking Riverside. In February 2002, Docklands Light Railway Limited (DLR Ltd) appointed consultants to examine outline engineering corridors for a proposed eastern extension of the DLR from the existing network. This work was completed in mid 2002 and highlighted Barking town centre, Renwick Road or Dagenham Dock as possible terminus destinations.

    Following further work and stakeholder consultation, it was concluded that the optimal route eastwards involved extending the DLR to Dagenham Dock. This was principally due to the potential interchange opportunities, the need to fully serve the planned Barking Riverside area and the desire for the potential of the DLR to unlock sites further east.

    In March 2006 the Mayor of London instructed DLR to develop this scheme further. In response to this DLR has developed a proposed route for the extension. A team of consultants were appointed to review the previous route proposals and develop a detailed route between Gallions Reach and Dagenham Dock.

    A TWA order application was made to the Secretary of State for Transport in April 2008 to get permission to build the extension. The application was subsequently withdrawn in December 2009. The application was withdrawn due to the lack of funding and a delay in building new homes at Barking Riverside, where many of the passengers expected to use the extension will come from.

    DLR is working to safeguard the proposed route for the extension so that it can still be delivered in the future.

    The aims of the Dagenham Dock extension are:

    • To help facilitate the planned growth in housing and employment in the Thames Gateway region by unlocking sites for development and bringing new homes, jobs, businesses and facilities into the area
    • To help deliver a high density, public transport orientated community that minimises reliance on the car
    • To create a new reliable public transport link that will provide connections to other parts of east London including, the Royal Docks, the city and key employment and residential centres; and
    • To provide new interchange opportunities with the planned East London Transit services and existing rail and local bus services

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